We offer internships for exceptional undergraduate and graduate students.

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About The Company

King, Edward, First (KEF) is a full-service digital marketing and strategic advisory firm of experts exclusively serving small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and growth businesses. KEF is headquartered in Culver City, CA, with satellite offices in Las Vegas, London, Beirut, Yerevan, Jakarta, and Manila.

About The Program

We offer internships for exceptional current undergraduate and graduate students. Internships may be part-time or “full-time” (including, but not limited to, summer internships). Remote, hybrid and in-person internships are all available. We take on exceptional interns on a rolling basis year-round.

Internships are generally unpaid; as such, we put significant effort into ensuring that interns work exclusively on meaningful projects to build critical skills, exposure, and resume bullet points to advance their careers. Previous interns have gone on to prestigious marketing positions with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups and branding and marketing agencies. See below.

Dyana Wing So - KEF Intern

Dyana Wing So

Creative Strategist at Gold Front

“I didn’t intern with KEF because I knew I wanted to be a digital marketer. but because I wanted to get a front row seat working on real projects with clients -- something that’s hard to do when one is ironically trying to get a foot in the door to start! Many of the skills I learned with KEF are applicable to the adjacent fields of strategy, marketing, communications, and consulting I was interested in. Not only did I gain perspective on how client projects are conducted and managed, but I also got to try many different tasks and even own a few deliverables that I can reference in my portfolio. I noticed that I was more confident continuing my job search after interning with KEF because I could speak directly to fresh projects I worked on. I also had support and mentorship from Nick along the way (who remains invested in my development after KEF -- something that’s rare and deeply appreciated)!”

Jonathan Ni - KEF Intern

Jonathan Ni

Marketing Analyst at Wayfair

“Had a great time interning at KEF, where I learned a lot about digital marketing and client management. In particular, I had the opportunity to not only be exposed to all areas of digital marketing but also worked on high-impact projects with several of KEF’s clients. From this, I learned a lot about relationship management, which has served me greatly at my current job - where I often have to work with key stakeholders across teams and leadership levels.”

Yezi Lin - KEF Intern

Yezi Lin

King Edward First Intern

"King Edward First is a great place for people who want real work experience in digital marketing. I learned a lot from Nick and Karina about search engine optimization. They're kind and patient. They're willing to give new tasks to you, so you could learn many different aspects of digital marketing from working at KEF. I will definitely recommend people who are talented in marketing to work at KEF."

Coco Cheng - KEF Intern

Coco Cheng

King Edward First Intern

'It is my pleasure to work with Nick and Karina this summer. They are willing to assign different tasks and assignments based on your need and your weekly feedback. I learned advanced communication and writing skills from this internship. I will recommend people who are interested in digital marketing, especially SEO-related works, come to KEF and work with this great team.'

KEF Intern

Wenting Ao

King Edward First Intern

"Interning at KEF was one of the best internship experiences I ever had in my studenthood. KEF values interns’ career development, and it provided valuable training to really help me build up my future career. While I was at KEF, I learned both hard and soft skills. The experience with KEF opened my door to digital marketing, and I have taken the knowledge I learned to develop a full-time job in the US. I was mentored, trusted, and appreciated. I will highly recommend KEF’s internship program to any students who are interested in marketing at school."

About You

KEF has a rigorous selection process for interns since we are limited in how many we can take while providing a top-quality experience.

Demonstrated interest in digital marketing is highly desired. Candidates need not have professional experience in digital marketing but must have demonstrated some interest and familiarity, from activities such as extracurricular or volunteer experience or taking advantage of some of the multitudes of free e-courses and learning resources online.

KEF is a fast-moving and entrepreneurial company and interns are quickly put in positions of responsibility. As such, the following skills are essential and we invite potential candidates to carefully consider whether these are among their strengths in order to ensure a good fit:

problem solving

Independent problem-solving skills / “figure-it-out-ness”

clear communication

Strong, clear, and proactive communication




Ability to give and receive constructive feedback


Internships are customized to the needs and interests of successful candidates, in the context of company needs and business processes. Previous interns have focused on:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Instagram and Facebook Ads
Instagram and Facebook Ads
Organic Social Media Management
Organic Social Media Management
Google Ads
Google Ads
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Web 3.0
Web 3.0
Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Business Development
Business Development

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